According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “The college experience is challenging for all young adults as they navigate through making new friends, achieving academic success, establishing their identity, learning to live independently and planning their futures.”

The additional burden of a mental health related need can cause the college student to become
overwhelmed.  In a recent college student survey, nearly 80% of respondents noted the critical need for mental health training.
InterACT On Campus provides the necessary organizational training to heighten awareness about mental health and social issues that can arise on campus while enlightening students about resources that are available. The InterACT team meets with college staff to provide educational consulting and to determine specific needs of the students and staff. 
Vignettes are then created to bring relevant issues to light.  The tailor-made vignettes are performed during the program and students become integrally involved by interacting with the characters on stage and challenging actor´s motivation.
InterACT New York is effective at raising awareness and enhancing choices related to tough issues.
​This facilitator-led discussion provides an open forum for students to identify their needs, understand critical choices and learn about available assistance.

“InterACT’s unique style of involving students in discussions about the tough topics that come up on our college campus enriched the Freshmen Orientation program immeasurably.” 

​Theresa Talmage, Director of Student Activities  Dowling College, Oakdale New York

InterACT New YOrk Raising Awareness - Enhancing Choice - Expanding Thought